Courtesy Flush: Featured on Stones Throw

by Tape Mastah Steph


This Beat Mix can be downloaded exclusively on STONES THROW.

Tape Mastah Steph, producer of Dave Dub's The Treatment,
has put together a companion piece to the album, Courtesy Flush, a half hour mix, essentially comprised of an 11-track beat record.


released July 2, 2012

Program Length 25:28 minutes.
All beats & cuts by Tape Mastah Steph.

01. Courtesy flush
02. The second flush
03. Rock a billy goat
04. Smile now pumpkin
05. Jaguars in heat
06. Daring a ruler (Remix)
07. Gumby left the building
08. Igor Adam's crush
09. Tape's Autumn Serenade
10. Soul Funk Remedy
11. Last flush goodbyes



Tape Mastah Steph California

DJ / Producer since 1988. Follow me on Twitter & Instagram: @tapemastahsteph

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